SCVMM WSUS Error ID 7053 KB3159706

Currently building out a number of 2012 R2 SCVMM standalone servers for a customer. The SCVMM server also hosts it’s own local SQL DB and WSUS for patching of the hosts and the local SCVMM infrastructure.

Today I ran some tests, patching the SCVMM server via remediation in the console. All went well until after reboot where I rescanned the SCVMM server, nothing had updated, still not compliant. I then noticed that the WSUS service was not running, the WSUS console would not show my server and there were lots of 7053 errors for the WSUS service.

After some digging I found one of the installed updates had broken WSUS (KB3159706). Removed the update, rebooted and all is well again.

Oh and I have not declined the update and updated the base lines in SCVMM.

Just putting it out there.


Looks like there are some post steps that need to be performed:

I’ll get these tested


Follow the instructions in the article above and WSUS will spring back into action.


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