Ubiquity UniFi Cameras and Fibaro HC2

It’s taken me a little time to get my Ubiquity UniFi G3 cameras to work in my Fibaro HC2, gathering information from all over the internet so here is my step by step guide.

First things first; there is no way you can currently add Unifi G3 cameras in to Fibaro HC2 directly, you have to have a UniFi NVR.

I’m currently running at the current levels:

Fibaro HC2 – 4.140

Unifi NVR – 3.8.0

UVC G3 Dome – 3.8.3

UVC G3 – 3.8.3

As I mentioned, the G3 cameras on the latest firmware do not support snapshot.jpg directly, which  are required for Fibaro HC2. They do provide a RTSP Service but this is not supported in HC2, hence the need for the NVR.

What you are after is a string that looks something like this:

http:// <IP_of_NVR>:7080/api/2.0/snapshot/camera/<Camera_UID>?force=true&apiKey=<API_Key>

So as you can see, you need the Camera UID and the API key, but where do these come from?

Camera UID:

On the NVR, go to Cameras and select the camera you want the UID for


In the detail panel enable the RTSP service (this does not need to be enable, it’s just to get the UID). Copy out the UID, dropping the _0 as shown


Turn off the RTSP Service, no need to save.

API Key:

On the NVR, Select users and create a user for use with Fibaro, I’ve given this user just Viewing access:


Select the user just created, in my case Fibaro and in the detail panel copy the API Key


Putting the full string together in a browser should now display the snapshot image. For Fibaro HC2 we need to break it up slightly:

IP Address = <IP_of_NVR>:7080

JPG Path = api/2.0/snapshot/camera/<Camera_UID>?force=true&apiKey=<API_Key>

MJPG Path = api/2.0/snapshot/camera/<Camera_UID>?force=true&apiKey=<API_Key>

(yes, both paths are the same)

You should end up with something like this:


There is no need to enter the username or password of the fibaro user.

For some reason this process is only currently working for the G3 Domes I have, not the non Dome G3. I’ll work on this and update later. I may have just miss typed the string.







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