I’ve been looking for a way of DIN mounting Fibaro modules for a while and I have come up with something that works for me. These will be mounted in a cabinet I’m in the process of building. This is just a quick blog of how I’ve mounted the modules.

I  know you can get DIN rail mountable modules off the shelf but these seem to be significantly more expensive than just the modules. After much searching I found some PCB mounts that do the trick. These mounts are modular for fitting different widths of PCB as shown here.


I cut out the PCB mounts:

Repeat on another and join then together, add some foam mount to the back of the Fibaro module and fit snugly. The antenna is also nicely protected.

Add a cable tie for added security:

Job done. The pairing button is easy accessed and the LED (as this is a Dimmer 2) is also viewable. Hope this is helpful.


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