Controling Velux Windows With Fibaro

Velux electric windows come with their own remote control device, it’s very good and gives you granular control of each window, I’ve installed four windows. Velux call this range Integra and it uses the io-homecontrol protocol.

For my home intelligence/automation system I use Fibaro’s Home Center 2 which uses the zwave protocol. Not all is lost though and you can interface the two, you do however need to get some extra kit.

KLF100_boxedVelux have a device called the KLF 100. It can be used for several functions but I’m using it as a interface. There is a catch however, and that is if you want to control all windows individually you’ll need a KLF 100 for each window. However if you want to open all windows and close all windows then one KLF 100 can do this.


Open up the box and the unit is quite large.

I’ll be installing this in the loft so not too much of a problem.

Remove the lid and you’re presented with a display and three pins for connecting external devices.

At this point for testing I connected up a switch.

By doing this you can test the functionality and setup the interface without adding the extra complexity of the Fibaro setup.

The next session details the setting up of the interface step by step.

Turn on the unit and the loading screen is displayed


Select the language


Select the function, in this case Interface


The default channel is 7


Set the Up Position and the Down Position. With the setting below the window will open fully and close fully when the up or down button is press

The next stage is to register the windows with the interface

As all the windows are already reinsured with the Velux Intregra unit they can be sent from the control unit to the interface at this point. Navigate though the menus and send the products.

Once the products have been imported, create a list and add all the windows that you want to control, all four in my case then save it

Finish off the setup and test

By pressing the toggle switch all the windows will open together or close together, unless the rain sensors on the windows have triggered

Adding the Fibaro relay in-between the switch and the KLF 100 allows the Fibaro Home Center 2 to operate the windows via zwave. Screen shot of the iPhone interface

The final solution will be mounted and boxed away, but this has worked for the testing.

Here is the full wiring diagram, enjoy.

Edit: 15/08/2016. There was a error on the original diagram, this has been corrected on the version below, v1.1. Thanks you for your feed back.



10 thoughts on “Controling Velux Windows With Fibaro

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in your diagram klf100 c links to relay O1. Shouldn’t it link to relay I, and klf100 up link to O1? Otherwise relay 2 will connect klf100 up and down when activated.

    Also, did you write a scene for this? I’ve just installed this setup on some velux blinds, and some basic testing shows some issues. Activating either relay (up or down) will just do the opposite of whatever the last direction was. Eg, press “down” and blinds go down. Press “down” again and the blinds will go up.

    Any thoughts?



    1. You are correct, I noticed the error the other day when I was installing these in there final position, I’ll get this corrected.
      I did not write any scenes, but I did make some changes to how the switches are configures:
      Parameter 4 = 1s
      Parameter 5 = 1s
      Parameter 14 = 0 for my monetary switch.
      I too have just fitted the blinds to my windows and I have another KLF100 for the blinds. I’ll try and get it configured this weekend, I’ll report back on how I get on.


    2. Hi Stum

      I have now set my blinds up with another KLF100 and they are working fine with parameters 5 and 6 set to 1s for auto off. How have you set your Up and Down positions in the KLF100? Mine are 0% and 100% respectively.



  2. hi, i am having the same issue. when I press the up button it goes up. if I then press the up button again, it goes down. how do i solve this?


    1. Hi, thank you for the comment. You have to make some changes to the Fibaro relays from the default ones.
      Parameter 4 = 1s
Parameter 5 = 1s
Parameter 14 = 0 for my monetary switch.
      This should solve the issue.


      1. Thanks for the quick response. I have a toggle switch. Does that make a difference and do I need to change any other settings?


      2. Hi, I’ll have to have a look when I get some time but I think using a toggle switch may now working due to the signal the KLF100 requires.


  3. Hey there – thanks for the great article. Two questions: (1) Will the original Velux remote control panel work as well as this set-up? and (2) Can you set different opening programs, such as 20% open, etc? Thanks, Stu


    1. Hi Stuart
      Yes the original remote still works fine as it talks directly to the windows via “homecontrol”. I still use the remote if I just want to open one window/blind, or want to open them less than the 100% value I have set on the KLF100. And yes you can set different values for the open/close settings as a percentage. In the blog I have both my blind KLF100 and window KLF set to 0% and 100%. This works well for the blinds, fully open or fully closed. With the windows I’m thinking of changing the open value to 50-60%, if I want them open more I can always go to the Velux panel. I’ll still use the fully closed value so that when I leave home and set my alarm I know this will force the windows to fully close if open via a scene. Hope that helps.



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