Removing Powder Coating

The A bar on my LandRover had see better days. Water had got under the powder coating and it was rusting. I though I’d just strip it and then pain it, but how do you get powder coat off?

I tried head guns, blow torch and gasket remover. Nothing really touched it. I’d see that some people had got it to move with powerful pain stripper, so I searched for just that on Amazon and found Polycell Max Strength PainStripper and though I’d give it a go.


I can confirm it does the trick, quite quickly too, within half an hour. I first went over the powder coat with a wire brush in my drill to score the coating, then applied a liberal coat of the stripper. I found it best to leave it about half an hour then scrape it off. Then while the coating is still soft I went over with the wire brush again, remember to protect your self from this stuff, it’s nasty.


A wipe over with white sprit and a coat of red oxide and it’s looking good.


Just needs it’s top coat now.


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