GoPro vs EE Action Cam

To day I nipped into a EE shop to pick up my PowerBar, basically a unit you can charge up at home and use it to give your phone a power boost on the move.

While I waiting for a customer rep to be available I was looking round the store and saw a camera in a case that looked a bit like a go pro. I say a bit because the bezel round the lens was similar, but compared to my GoPro 3 Black is was big, back to front I’d say a good 50% thicker. The buttons looked very plastically too, not like the stainless ones on the GoPro housing. I didn’t look any closer as it just looked like a bad imitation in my opinion.

I then got called to pick up my PowerBar. I was also asked if I knew what a GoPro was. Yes was my response, I have one. I was then asked if I’d be interested in a EE Action Cam. This time my response was; No… it massive. I also added I’d like to changing my GoPro 3 Black for a GoPro 4 Black. I was then told, well ours is the same spec. What 4K I asked? Yes I was told. At this point I said I was not interested and left.

I always check details and I can tell you the EE Action Cam is not 4K. Yes you can stream data over 4G but a lot of the places I use my GoPro there’s sometimes a 2G signal if that.

Now I’m not saying if it’s any good or not but if you are in the market for an “action cam” do your home work. Have a look, hold them, as I say compared to the GoPro 3 housing it looked big, and the GoPro 3+ and GoPro 4 casings are smaller than mine. Plus the GoPro 4 black does full 4K and you can use the app on your phone as a view finder, and dump your files.

People have asked me in the past why a GoPro and not something else. My response has always been it’s the industry standard and it’s what the BBC use.

In my opinion you can’t go wrong with a GoPro, and I’ve never looked back. Some of my most treasured photos have been taken with my GoPro.


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